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Anandi & Sham Interview

Anandi & Sham Interview HIDVL

Part of Carlos Motta's GENDER TALENTS project, this interview features Anandi, a Jogappa human rights activist and public relations agent for Sweekar Sangh in Belgaum, and Sham, a gay man, human rights activist, and Programs Manager at Sweekar Sangh in Belgaum, India.


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Additional Info

  • Title: Anandi & Sham Interview
  • Holdings: video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 00:10:34
  • Date: 18 Dec 2012
  • Location: Recorded at Sweekar Sangh, Belgaum, India.
  • Type-Format: interview
  • Cast: Anandi, interviewee ; Sham, interviewee.
  • Credits: Carlos Motta, creator; Kiran Tejesh, producer; Sham Sondh, producer; Parul Sondh, producer; Pooja Charma, videography; Jeff Roy, editor; Margarida Lucas, color correction; Sharayu Ketan, transcription and translation; Sandeep Kumar, transcription and translation; Divya Sandeep, transcription and translation; Abira M., transcription and translation; Amarjeet Sinha, transcription and translation; Karthik Subramaniam, transcription and translation.