Arthur Avilés Typical Theater at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival (2004)

As part of the Jacob's Pillow festival, Arthur Avilés Typical Theater presents a set of four pieces. The first is a solo danced to and titled after singer Cheryl Lynn's "To Be Real." Next is Charles Rice González narrating "El Yunque," a story about a young Nuyorican man's journey from the South Bronx to the El Yunque rain forest in northeastern Puerto Rico. As he speaks dancers enact and bring the story to life through movement phrases. Themes surrounding homosexual desire, cross-cultural identity, and nationhood are raised within the text and gestures. Arthur Avilés then dances a solo to a song by Tito Puente while wearing a traditional Puerto Rican hat and performing traditional movements. Following is the piece "La La Land," accompanied by singer Donna Summer's "MacArthur Park." Finally, there is a question and answer conversation. Together, the four pieces present Arthur and his company's trajectory, showcasing their work and also the core of Arthur's choreography: his relationship to his Puerto Rican heritage, and the influence of gay pop culture.


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Additional Info

  • Title: Arthur Avilés Typical Theater at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival
  • Holdings: video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 0:48:53
  • Language: English
  • Date: 19 Aug 2004
  • Location: Inside/Out Stage at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, Becket, Massachusetts, USA
  • Type-Format: performance, dance
  • Cast: Alethea Pace "To Be Real", performer ; Alberto Denis, Monica Figueroa, Ariane Garcia, Masako Koga, Alethea Pace, and Jule Jo Ramírez, "El Yunque" performer ; Arthur Avilés, performer ; Alberto Denis, Monica Figueroa Ariane, Garcia, Daman Harun, Masako Koga, Alethea Pace, Jule Jo Ramírez, performer.
  • Credits: Arthur Avilés, creator ; Arthur Avilés, choreographer. Mayda Jurado, costume designer. Charles Rice-González, narrator.