Plumas Negras (2013)

Plumas Negras (2013) HIDVL

Plumas Negras is the story is of three generations of women in one family, their desire to forge better lives for themselves and stronger bonds, and also the struggles unique to Latina agricultural workers. From the lettuce fields of 1963 to the stores and streets of modern-day Alisal, this play celebrates the triumphs and heartbreaks of these women. Plumas Negras is layered with an indigenous poetry of ordinary, mythic crows. The first part is performed in Spanish which shifts to Spanglish, and eventually gives primacy to English. Cornerstone had support from both Vineyard Church in Alisal and Salinas Valley Community Church in North Salinas who all made the residency possible. Alisal Center for the Fine Arts was a partner as well and served as the performance venue. The cast of 39 performers included 27 residents and was presented as part of Cornerstone's tenth annual Institute Summer Residency. Plumas Negras was informed and inspired by the stories and perspectives of local residents in Alisal. The play was commissioned by Playwrights Circle members Stuart & Susan Brenton, Angelina Fiordellisi & Matt Williams, Byron Gross & Ricky Tovim, Tom Jacobson & Ramone Muñoz, Melody Kanschat, Dennis & Joanne Keith, Pat Mock & Peg Yorkin.


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Additional Info

  • Title: Plumas Negras
  • Holdings: video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 01:44:45
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • Date: 9 Aug 2013
  • Location: The Alisal Center for the Fine Arts at The Breadbox, Alisal, California, USA
  • Type-Format: play, performance
  • Cast: Ana Maria Barrera, Javier Caballero, Gloria Calderón, Jani Davis, Marcenus M.C. Earl, performer ; Luis M. Gallardo, Lupita Garnica, Jeanette Godoy, Lorinda Hawkins, Guillermo Jauregui, Rachel Kauder Nalebuff, performer ; Tala Kurup, Carlos Jimenez, Mahayana Landowne, Page Leong, Freddy Lopez, Evelyn Pérez Lucio, Lizet Madrigal Lucio, performer ; Arielys Luna, Juvenal "Homer" Magana Jr., Juan D. Martínez, William Medrano, Zilah Mendoza, Danelya Montenegro, performer ; Vivianna Montenegro, Jocelin Morales, Andrew Morton, Lilian Ribeiro, Moses Rincón, Luke Roberts, Eliseo Flores Rodríguez, Meliton Rodríguez, performer ; Diana Salazar, Eliza Sánchez, Gema Sánchez, Sergio Sánchez, Jaisa Serrano, Rosa Maria Pérez Tinajero, performer.
  • Credits: Juliette Carrillo, writer, original song ; Meghan E. Healey, scenarist ; Nephelie Andonyadis, costume designer ; Geoff Korf, lighting designer ; Veronika Vorel, sound designer ; Michael John Garces, director ; Javier Arreola, script translator ; Nikki Hyde, stage manager ; Page Leong, choreographer.
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