Lethe (2006)

Lethe (2006) HIDVL

This play was created in collaboration with Bay Area seniors and their caregivers. Lethe (pronounced LEE-thee) tells the story of caregivers and older adults as they struggle with new beginnings, recent loss, and the mystery of memory. Premiered at the Presentation Theatre on the University of San Francisco campus, the play features a cast of 45, 31 of whom were local seniors or caregivers or both. The band was a combination of students and professionals.


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Additional Info

  • Title: Lethe
  • Holdings: video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 01:29:03
  • Language: English
  • Date: 1 Aug 2006
  • Location: The Presentation Theater, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA
  • Type-Format: play, performance
  • Cast: Alex Bagwell, Harriet Bagwell, Evelyn Bloch, yu Man Chau, David (Rong-jun) Chen, Andrew Ching, performer ; Tamerin Dygert, Carol Elliot, Hazel Gabriel, Ana Mercedes Halimah, Jane G. Hansen, Edith Hartnett, performer ; Larry Herrera, Gerry Hiken, Helen Huang, Maricella Ibarra, Louis Keeshan, Koyuri, Abby Lamb, performer ; Page Leong, Shirley Lim, Awele Makeba, Fr. Mario Mich, Marcos Najera, Eleanor Prugh, Christine Roppo, performer ; Maria Rosas, Steven Strauss, Zenon Tomiampos, Aida Vides, Lei C. Villafuerte, Margaret M. Walsh, Maggie Williams, Marie C. Winzer, Phyllis Wong, performer.
  • Credits: Beth Custer, composer ; Melpomene Katakalos, scenarist ; Leah Marthison, costume designer ; Lonnie Rafael Alvarez, lighting designer ; Page Leong, choreographer ; Octavio Solis, writer ; Juliette Carillo, director ; Scott Horstein, dramaturgy ; Alejandra Navarro, stage manager
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