Waking Up in Lost Hills (2004)

Waking Up in Lost Hills (2004) HIDVL

Waking Up in Lost Hills (2004) is an original adaptation of Rip Van Winkle’s tale and is based on the stories of the agricultural community in Lost Hills, California. The play opens with the actors asleep on the floor of the auditorium, forcing audience members to step over and around them as they find their seats. As the tale begins, the town wakes and audiences follow the story of almond farmer Victorio Valenzuela, now revived from a decades-long sleep. He meets The Traveler, and they set on a mission to rescue the town of Lost Hills. Playwright José Cruz González and director Bill Rauch collaborated with eighteen adult students from across the country, professional artists, and community members to present this magical tale about a town’s awakening. The play had a cast of 44, including 28 community members.


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Additional Info

  • Title: Waking Up in Lost Hills
  • Holdings: video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 01:26:23
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • Date: 7 Aug 2004
  • Location: Lost Hills School, Lost Hills, California, USA
  • Type-Format: play, performance
  • Cast: Emmanuel "Coco" Aguayo, Michael Archuleta, Juan Ballesteros, Rosalina Ballesteros, Augustín Bernadino, Cindy Castillo, performer ; Sam Chase IV, Anthony Chavez, Kate Collins, Beatrice Duran, Charity Duran, Kacee Duran, Martha Escalante, performer ; Gerry Lee Evans, Linda Evans, Luis Gamino, Mary González, , performer ; Jasmine Juliet Guevara, Luis Gutiérrez, performer ; Jennie R. Hahn, Estella Hernández, Karina Hernández, Luis Hernández, Peter Howard, Amy Jensen, performer ; Sarah C. Milligan, Mario Mora, John Nobori, Christian Nolguen, Claudia Nolguen, Omar Benton Ricks, Sergio Rivera, performer ; Winston J. Rocha, Daniel Rodríguez, Kelly Salgado, Yuliana Salgado, Jesús Sánchez, Kathleen Shuler, Ashley Sparks, Joy Tucker, Harry Waters Jr., Jeffrey Wells, Michelle Elizabeth Zamora, performer.
  • Credits: José Cruz González, writer ; Bill Rauch, director ; Michael Archuleta, composer, music director ; Alejandra Navarro, stage manager ; Peter Howard, musical staging ; Shigeru Yaji, scenic designer ; Garry D. Lennon, costume designer ; Lonnie Rafael Alcaraz, lighting designer ; Paul James Prendergast, sound designer ; Lynn Jeffries, puppet designer.
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