Tartoof (Or An Imposter in Norcatur-and at Christmas!) (1987)

Tartoof (Or An Imposter in Norcatur-and at Christmas!) (1987) HIDVL

Tartoof (Or An Imposter in Norcatur-and at Christmas!) is an adaptation of Moliére's Tartuffe and is a study of the relationships in a disintegrating farm community in rural Norcatur, Kansas. Along with performers from Cornerstone Company, the play featured a cast and crew of local Kansas residents. In this adaptation, a family is torn apart by their house guest and may lose the family farm. It’s also Christmas—a time known for family and togetherness, making it a compelling juxtaposition of reunion and disintegration.ust when they are supposed to be coming together, they are instead coming apart.


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Additional Info

  • Title: Tartoof (Or An Imposter in Norcatur-and at Christmas!)
  • Holdings: video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 02:22:01
  • Language: English
  • Date: 12 Dec 1987
  • Location: Norcatur, Kansas, USA
  • Type-Format: play, performance
  • Cast: Ron Temple, Bertie-Leigh Compann, Christopher Moore, Wendy Strevey, Nela Wagman, performer ; Dorothy Kelley, Mary Long, Alison Carey, Hop Lockhart, Carol Mapa, Galen Wentz, performer ; Brent Bohl, Roberta Compann, Hollie Strevey, Sharon Tally, Noel West, Imogen Loyal, Imogen Sawdon, performer ; Bee Nelson, Pearl Van Sickler, Bob Jones, Bill Nelson, Bob Sawdon, Lee Eckhart, Peter Howard, performer.
  • Credits: Bill Rauch, director ; Judy Shirley, assistant director ; Gail Berrigan, Alison Carey, producer ; David Reiffel, musical director ; Benajah Cobb, technical director ; Lynn Jeffries, costume designer; Todd Summer, Jason Turpin, master electricians ; Mary-Ann Greanier, lighting designer ; Susan Rosan, stage manager ; Lee Eckhart, Mark Grasso, scene painters.
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