Ash and Flowers

Ash and Flowers was created by merging two earlier works of modern dance. The first, Where Do People Gather, explores various dynamics in the relationship between individual and group, including imitation, sex, and the menace of violence. In the second source work, Waiting Room, a crowd gathers in tense silence. The slightest twitch from the individual is imitated and exaggerated by the group. In this 1991 staging of Ash and Flower, idiosyncratic movements performed by individuals are noticed by the crowd who, in turn, dance out a range of possible repsonses: they embellish what they see as they abuse, ridicule, imitate, or ostracize various individuals.


Additional Info

  • Duration: 0:18:59
  • Language: English
  • Date: 1991
  • Location: 30th Street Station, Philadelphia, PA
  • Cast: Dancers: Karen Bamonte, David Camacho, Kaitlyn Granda, Rebecca Malcolm, Christopher Hawkes, Greg Myers, Josh Walbert, Gwen Welliver, Grace Zarnoch
  • Credits: Choreography: Hellmut Gottschild; Music: Toshi Makihara, Guy Kluscevek; Musician: Flossie Ierardi