Los perfiles de la espera (2003)

Los perfiles de la espera (2003) HIDVL

Originally conceived in 1998 for two actresses, and later a one-woman show (its final version, here shown), La Máscara's piece "Los perfiles de la espera" (the profiles of waiting") is centered on the labor of waiting. The character represents the many women, at home or in their workplaces, which are living the anguish of waiting for their disappeared family members. We see the woman in her private space, as she performs mundane tasks; as the character attempts to stay engrossed in her housework, traumatic memories of violent events -recorded in her body- are repeated time and again. Lodged in her body, the scars of violence, death, and terror inevitably puncture every gesture, every task. When the character does speak, it is a fragmented collage of commonplace phrases mixed with texts from Rodoreda, Galeano, Borges, Vestrini, and actual testimonies from the families of the disappeared. The actions of the character rise above the silence and make us witnesses of a world plagued by fear, where hope and courage are the unique materials of survival.


Additional Info

  • Title: Los perfiles de la espera
  • Alternate Title: Profiles of Waiting
  • Holdings: video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 00:42:48
  • Language: Spanish
  • Date: 10 April 2003
  • Location: Powerhouse Theatre, Visytheatre Brisbane Powerhouse, Australia.
  • Type-Format: play