Mundo Mata (2001)

It is the summer of 1973, and the United Farm Workers are fighting for their lives. Led by Cesar Chavez, a march comes to Burlap, California, a fictional tank town in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley. This is the background for playwright, director and El Teatro Campesino's founder Luis Valdez's vintage classic, Mundo Mata, a period piece that exposes the raw realities of life in a small farmworker town. As part of an epic struggle to achieve victory in union elections among ranches up and down the state, the campaign in Burlap brings together two brothers and pulls them apart. One is Bullet Mata, who returns to his old hometown for the first time in twelve years; the other, his older brother Mundo is a Vietnam veteran. Bullet is a college dropout, turned Chavista sworn to non-violence. Mundo is a drug dealer, secretly hired by two growers to stop Chavez. While the issue of violence versus non-violence becomes a personal matter between the two brothers, Mundo Mata also resonates within a larger landscape of the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam War. What if Cesar Chavez had been assassinated in 1973? Would history remember him differently? These are some of the questions implied in this gritty drama about the farmworkers' struggle for justice. Mundo Mata premiered in 1976 in El Paso, Texas in the Chamizal Theater on the borderline with Juarez, Mexico. After being retired, the play was revived, rewritten and re-staged, as documented in this 2001 production.


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Additional Info

  • Title: Mundo Mata
  • Holdings: program, video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 02:16:26
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • Date: May 2001
  • Location: San Juan Bautista, California.
  • Type-Format: play, performance
  • Cast: Anahuac Valdez, Phil Esparza, Lakin Valdez, Raul S.Cardona, Kinan Valdez, Gustavo Manrique, Daniel Valdez, Primavera Valdez, Cesar Flores, Estrella Esparza, Ruben Gonzalez, Tamra Samudio, Tom Shamrell Jr., Mary de Anda, Katrina D. Valdez, David Alvarez, Rosa Angelica León, Adrian Esai Pacheco, Jaime Avelar Guzman.
  • Credits: El Teatro Campesino, producer; Anahuac Valdez, producer; Luis Valdez, director, writer; David John Chavez, assistant director; Emiliano Valdez, musical director; Paul Skelton, lighting designer; Gabriela Fernandez, costume designer; Joe Cardinalli, Kinan Valdez, production design; Daniel Valdez, vocal director; Lupe Trujillo Valdez, casting director; Daniel Valdez, soundtrack producer; Izzy Luna Valdez, technical director; Chicanos on the Run, set construction.