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Missa para atores e público sobre a paixão e o nascimento do Dr. Fausto de acordo com o espírito do nosso tempo (1994)

This staging of Goethe's Faust recreates one of the most universal esoteric myths of all times, that of the man who sells his soul to the devil. The entire story of Faust is staged, but not the whole text nor all the scenes. Instead, the audience of 30 people is guided through a succession of dreamlike environments, in a journey towards the unconscious of the character. Ói Nóis' Faust brings up the question of who is, after all, the Faustian man of our time: Is it the scientist and the politician, or the outsider, the one who contests the system? This story reveals to the audience two essential factors for human emancipation: the desire for knowledge and the pleasure principal, both crucial for fighting power and fueling revolutions.


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  • Title: Missa para atores e público sobre a paixão e o nascimento do Dr. Fausto de acordo com o espírito do nosso tempo
  • Alternate Title: Mass for actors and audience on the passion and birth of Dr. Faustus according to the spirit of our time
  • Holdings: photo gallery, video (HIDVL)
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Date: 1994
  • Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Type-Format: play, performance
  • Cast: Adir Kettenhuber, Carolina Garcia, Cátia Alexandra, Cláudia Fontoura, Daniele Fagundes, Kike Barbosa, Marcos Castilhos, Paulo Flores, Rogério Lauda, Sandra Possani, Vera Parenza, and Vladimir Moreira Arlete Cunha, Biño Sawitzki, José Carlos Carvalho, Sandra Alencar, and Tânia Farias
  • Credits: Play by Wolfgang Goethe; Text fragments by Antonin Artaud, Arthur Rimbaud, Cristopher Marlowe, Friedrich Nietzsche, Mahabharatha, Plato, and Spitteler; Paulina Nólibos, theory consultant; Ói Nóis Aqui Traveiz, direction, sets, and costumes; Cátia Alexandra, masks; Zau Figueiredo, puppets; Edu Nascimento, skeletons and crow; Bôlo, lab design/symbol; Ronaldo, plaster statues; Adir Kettenhuber, Isabella Lacerda, Leila Lopes, Manu Estivalet, and Paulo Ferreira, saint statues; Antônio Carlos Textor, and Antônio Oliveira, film; Arlete Cunha and Carlos Moreira, lighting; Cláudia Fontoura and Rogério Lauda, music

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