A visita do presidenciável ou os morcegos estão comendo os abacates maduros (1984)

Created during the Diretas Já movement for direct elections in Brazil, this play is a parable of the political moment the country was facing. It tells the story of an old couple who has lived in the same house for the past twenty years, and how the house deteriorates day after day. The couple embodies the conservative middle class that supported the Military Coup in 1964, but that two decades later lost their privileges and went to the streets to fight for Diretas Já. Intertwined with parallel stories, a couple faced with eviction, a torture scene, and the judgement of a policeman, the audience sees the house literally fall apart in front of them. In the final scene, when the Presidential Candidate arrives, a giant hand appears to hand him his Presidential Sash, and the building collapses in shards, leaks, and dust.

Additional Info

  • Title: A visita do presidenciável ou os morcegos estão comendo os abacates maduros
  • Alternate Title: The visit of the presidential candidate or the bats are eating the ripe avocados
  • Holdings: photo gallery
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Date: 1984
  • Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Type-Format: play, performance
  • Cast: Arlete Cunha, Beatriz Britto, Eliana Quartiero, Gilmar Hermes, Horácio Borges, João Henrique Castilhos, and Paulo Flores Andréa Barth and Moira Stein
  • Credits: Play by Luis Francisco Rebello; Text fragments by Roberto Drumont; Ói Nóis Aqui Traveiz, direction, sets, and costumes; Júlio Zanotta, lighting; Jorge Gavillon, soundtrack; Banda Açúcar Branco e Banda Murruga, music; Marcia Lara, film; Fábio Vale, Isabella Lacerda, and Valdir Saches, puppets and banners

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