Interview with Ana Correa (2001)

In this interview, Ana Correa recounts her beginnings with the group, where she found dialogue and openness to create theater. Yuyachkani’s piece ‘Allpa Rayku’ marks the group’s quest for Peruvian deep traditions and the Andean world, as well as Correa’s own identity and connections with her own indigenous roots. Traveling throughout Peru, the group found diverse sources of inspiration for the ‘cholificación’ of their proposal – an aesthetic and political project that encompassed Peruvian local spheres within larger global concerns. The group’s members’ training, and their deep investigation and experience as actors, is intertwined with a self-reflection as a group. Their performances provide a space for marginalized civilians to speak and to be heard, and present the violence suffered by the country in the crossfire between terrorist group ‘Sendero Luminoso’ and the Peruvian Government and Army. The country was devastated by this violence, and sunk in an internal void and fragility. Yuyachkani worked with this, convinced that theater make us better human beings. Correa explains how Yuyachkani actors are companions for the character, who is always in the foreground, and how the group has worked in coordination with popular organizations, NGOs, and communities. She highlights the role of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics’ international events and Encuentros, a space that brings a necessary aperture – a space to sit down together and try to understand each other.


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Additional Info

  • TItle: Interview with Ana Correa
  • Alternate Title: Entrevista con Ana Correa (Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani)
  • Date: 2001
  • Location: Hemispheric Institute Encuentro(2nd :2001 :Monterrey, Mexico) Memory, atrocity and resistance
  • Interviewee: Ana Correa
  • Interviewer: Fernando Calzadilla,
  • Duration: 00:43:10
  • Language: Spanish