Past Encuentros

Encuentro 07 Yuyas

Corpolíticas/Body Politics 2007

Our 2007 Encuentro in Buenos Aires focused on body politics: the politics of the body, political bodies, bodies politic, and the relations


Performing "Heritage" 2005

Our 2005 Encuentro on Indigenous Performance explored the production and circulation of notions of identity, traditions, authenticity, rights and access.

Spectacles of Religiosities 2003

The 2003 Encuentro examined the ways in which religious traditions since the Conquest have transmitted worldviews and identities through embodied practices.

Globalization, Migration, Public Sphere 2002

Globalization, Migration, Public Sphere 2002

Our 2002 Encuentro focused on the public sphere in the age of globalization. While products and goods circulate "freely" across borders, human bodies are subject to increasingly complex migratory flows and crossings.