Web Books

Built on the Wordpress framework by Hemi and our key partner, Typefold, TOME is an online authoring tool that facilitates long-form publishing in an immersive, media-rich environment that empowers authors to create innovative born-digital work. Recent Tome publications include El Ciervo Encantado: An altar in the mangroves (Lillian Manzor and Jaime Gómez Triana), Art, Migration, and Human Rights (collaborative dossier by artists, scholars, and activists on the issue of migration in southern Mexico), Villa Grimaldi (Diana Taylor), and Six Gestures (Peter Kulchyski). 

SCALAR is an authoring and publishing platform designed to facilitate the production of long-form scholarly publications online. Developed by the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture, Scalar enables users to assemble media clips and images from multiple sources and juxtapose them with their own writing, giving authors tools to structure essay- and book-length works in ways that take advantage of the unique capabilities of digital writing, including more recursive and non-linear formats.

Web Cuadernos are on-line curations of multimedia materials focused on particular topics or bodies of work relating to performance and politics in the Americas. They contain combinations of photos, videos, texts, hyperlinks, bibliographies, and audio recordings, each piece gathered to explore a specific topic. The collections are based on a loose scaffolding or outline designed to make connections between disciplines, to serve as a research resource for artists and scholars, and to solicit exchange and additional materials. Each Cuaderno is a work in progress. We invite our on-line community to add to our existing Cuadernos by suggesting hyperlinks and/or original materials.