Special Collections

The Hemispheric Institute Special Collections is a growing digital archive of Hemispheric Institute holdings, available to faculty and students from our Member Institutions. These holdings are organized in two sections: Artist Profiles and Teaching Modules. Our Artist Profiles contain extensive information about selected hemispheric artists, including performance documentation, videos in HIDVL, image galleries, scripts, publicity materials, artist texts, interviews, links, bibliographies, and other relevant materials. These profiles are then the building blocks for our Teaching Modules, which are curated by leading scholars in the field and serve as important teaching and research tools around specific topics. Current Teaching Modules include The Indigenous Americas (curated by David Delgado Shorter), Performance and Politics in Brazil (curated by Leda Martins and Marcos Steuernagel), Latin American Theatre and Performance (curated by Diana Taylor), and Performance and Truth and Reconciliation (curated by Kaitlin McNally-Murphy). We are currently planning new modules on Dance and Politics, Feminisms and Sexualities, Artivist Interventions, Festive Devils in the Americas, and AIDS and Performance. In order to access the Special Collections, users must be affiliated with a Member Institution and create a user account on our website. The Hemispheric Institute Special Collections are listed on our Member Institution libraries as part of the resources and databases available to their students and faculty. Faculty at UCLA are currently using our Indigenous Americas teaching module as part of a course, and we look forward to the creation of new modules and profiles as our holdings continue to increase.

The full content is only available to current faculty and students from Member Institutions. To see if your university is a member, please check our Members page. As a member, you must create a Hemispheric Institute user account with your .edu email address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and login to the web site to gain member access. If you experience any difficulties or have any questions, please contact us.