This course proposes performance as a counter-choreographic practice in relation to the commodification of life that occurs at the level of the body, in social relations and exchange, and in the spaces of the city. It is organized into four modules: Module I: Choreographies of Neoliberalism and Rebellion (15 hours), in collaboration with Norway-based German artist Julian Blaue; Module II: Body, Writing, and Gentrification (15 hours), in collaboration with Portugal-based Brazilian artist Mariana Lemos; Module III: Performance Laboratories (9 hours), during which students will work on their own performative experiments in dialogue with the questions raised during the course; and Module IV: Weaving Networks in Trans-In-Corporados (21 hours), during which students will attend the 2nd Trans-In-Corporados: Building Networks for International Dance Research, an international conference led by LabCrítica and PPGDan – UFRJ. This year, Trans-In-Corporados proposes to take the intersection of the fields of Dance Studies and Performance Studies as a starting point to interrogate responses to these times of crisis and desgoverno (“misgovernment”), as well as to the ultra-conservative turns taking place in Brazil, the Global South, and the world at large.

All modules will be held at the Rio Art Museum––Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR)––and in the Port Area of Rio de Janeiro, an epicenter of gentrification designed to host major corporate events, including the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. Since the demonstrations of June 2013, and in response to this intense commodification of the city, Rio de Janeiro has become a glocal laboratory for rearticulating the limits of public space, politics, and resistance. Through readings, cartographies, performance analyses, dance, and body-writing exercises, students will establish critical dialogues with the conflicting memories of this region, which are embodied in the social relations of urban space. Students are encouraged to bring their personal creation tools for use in their projects: laptops, digital cameras, voice recorders, drawing materials, etc.

Participants are required to complete all assigned readings before class. We strongly suggest that participants do ALL of the reading before traveling to Rio de Janeiro.

FaLang translation system by Faboba