Sexualities, Visual Culture and Performance

Conveners: Soledad Falabella and Antonio Prieto

Theme and goals
The aim of this Research Group is to offer a space for discussion and the exchange of ideas amongst those who have research projects on gender and sexuality in their visual and performative aspects. We welcome specialists in the social sciences and humanities, and in the cultural studies field, as well as in anthropology, sociolinguistics, education, communication and related fields. We also encourage participation of visual and performing artists. While at the Bogotá Encuentro we intend to work with the projects brought by each participant, the suggested following topics may be taken as a guide:

  • Gender, sexuality and citizenship
  • Gender borders
  • Performance of sexuality in the public sphere
  • Gender and sexuality before the law: negotiations, repressions, resistances
  • Representations of dissident sexual identities and practices in theater, art-action and mass media
  • Sexuality and technology
  • Aspects of race and ethnicity in relation to sexuality

This group is linked to the ongoing 'Seminar on Sexualities, Visual Culture and Performativity' held in México by the Universidad Veracruzana's Faculty of Theater and the Gender Studies Program of the National University (UNAM). One of the Group’s aims is to produce documents to be published as essays or book chapters on the topics addressed.


We shall work for five days during the Encuentro in two- hours sessions, and with a maximum of 15 people. We want to concentrate on the research proposals and questions brought by participants. These proposals, as well as several aspects of the meeting's coordination, will be available in advance in a 'virtual campus' provided by the organizers. Presentations at the sessions will be limited to a maximum of 20 minutes, followed by questions and discussion. We request that participants to avoid reading their papers and work instead with notes and visual support, as well as their research questions. We ask that participants in this group be committed to the themes under study and available to continue working collectively in future meetings.

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