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Dancing with the Zapatistas brings together scholars, artists, journalists, and activists to respond to the continuing work of the Zapatistas, twenty years after their insurrection in 1994. Published by Duke University Press and available through Scalar, this multimedia digital book includes both written and photo essays, interviews, and spoken word and theatrical performances that offer insight into the programs, strategies, artistic practices, and celebrations of the Zapatistas. An exceptionally rich visual resource, it demonstrates how Mayan thought and an ongoing political commitment to resistance permeate the daily life of the Zapatistas—from the ways in which their languages configure collective identity, to how music affirms their conception of history. Dancing with the Zapatistas also considers how the Zapatistas work with those outside of their movement, while also tracing the ways in which they have profoundly influenced the practices of both activists and artists across the Americas. Content available in English.