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What is Performance Studies? by Diana Taylor and Marcos Steuernagel

This multimedia digital book––published by Duke University Press and available through Scalar––asks 30 leading scholars from seven different countries throughout the Americas the same question: What is performance studies? Their answers are available here, recorded in video interviews and accompanied by short essays. The contents are transcribed, translated, and subtitled in three languages––offering a truly diverse perspective on performance studies that engages it from a variety of national, linguistic, and disciplinary locations. Diana Taylor and Marcos Steuernagel's written introduction provides both a history and an overview of the project, while four brief essays by Steuernagel, Taylor, Marcela A. Fuentes, and Tavia Nyong'o offer critical entry points to the interviews from different yet complementary perspectives. <em>What Is Performance Studies?</em> thus expands the genealogy of the field while opening new paths for thinking through, in, and with performance studies across the Americas. Content in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.