Re-imagining Borders

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Understanding that the concept of “borders” was a broad and complex notion, we attempted to sketch out some general ideas about borders.  In our brainstorming, we determined that three major categories of borders needed to be addressed:

  • 1. Geo-political borders
  • 2. Metaphysical borders
  • 3. Ideological borders

Because some of these categories seem abstract, we then decided on creating four projects that would hone in on some form of text in order to read and analyze how some of these concepts influence our everyday lives:

  • 1. Performing Borders
  • 2. Sexuality and Borders
  • 3. Musicians (Artists) Braking Borders
  • 4. Borders of Insurrection

Utilizing lenses such as gender, performance, race, and citizenship, allows us to demonstrate the complexities of borders in today’s world.  Ideas of borders influence the way we move, think, and love.  Our hope is to show how borders, above all, limit agency and destroy communities.  The question is then: how do we resist borders?

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