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The Beat Back Bush Workout Premiere at the Hip- Hop Odyssey International Film Festival.

When: November 11th, 2005

Time: 10 pm

Where: ImaginAsian Theater, 239 East 59th Street, between 2nd & 3rd Avenues
Cost: $7

For more information, check or email Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.. We're trying to pack the house at this one so we need your help!!!! Please forward this on to any and all listservs, websites, friends, family, and communities that you are a part of. We had an incredibly successful screening of pieces of BBBW last week at "New York is New Orleans: Hip-Hop for Katrina," so we'd like the World Premiere to be even bigger!!

About BBBW:

The Beat Back Bush Workout is a captivating and satirical multimedia project that invites people to exercise their minds, bodies, and rights. It is a twelve-minute educational, informational, and motivational video that seeks to ignite the Hip-Hop Generation in their fight for social justice. Inspired by music videos and other contemporary media, the video features dance, kickboxing, yoga, jazzercise, break-dancing, hip-hop, animation, original spoken word and music. The video addresses a plethora of issues and policies including education, abortion, drug policy, globalization, the war, gay rights, civil rights, and prison issues. While challenging the state of our country, the video also challenges the state of mainstream hip-hop by sampling from rap songs and artists largely viewed as misogynistic, and rewriting them into revolutionary songs of protest performed through the voices and bodies of hip-hop generation women.

*Bits*Atoms*Neurons*Genes* (b*a*n*g lab)

b*a*n*g lab is an On-/Offline space at CAL IT2 ( for MFA artists in the Visual Arts Department at UCSD to explore and present works at the edge of invisibility, at the edge of the digital and the biological, at the edge of micro-robotics and nano-art, from in-virtu to in-vivo works and back.

The online component of b*a*n*g lab will be initiated on October 28th, 2005.

The b*a*n*g lab space at CAL IT2 will be initiated on January 31st, 2006.

Principal Scientist:

Dr. Ricardo Dominguez

Research Group:

Dr. Davina Semo

Dr. Tristen Shone

Dr. Caleb Waldorf

Associated Research and Development Groups:

Department of Ecological Authoring Tactics, Inc. (DoEAT)

Toro Lab (Tijuana, Mexico)

For More Information about b*a*n*g lab please contact:

Ricardo R. Dominguez

Assistant Professor

CAL (IT) 2

and Visual Arts Department

University of California, San Diego

9500 Gilman Drive (0503)

La Jolla, California 92093

E-mail: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

LaMicro Theater presents "MaTRIX, Inc."

The scintillating Argentine comedy about the only agency in the world where you can hire a substitute mother. The English-language premiere of "MaTRIX Inc." by the prominent Argentine playwright Diana Raznovich will be presented in New York City from November 10 through November 20 at 8:00 PM at the Arthur Seelen Theater, the Drama Book Shop, 250 West 40th Street (Between 7th and 8th Avenues).

"MaTRIX, Inc." is directed by Martín Balmaceda, one of the founders of LaMicro Theater, and performed by Roberto Cambeiro, Pietro González and Berioska Ipinza.

Founded jointly by theater practitioners in New York City and Chicago, LaMicro Theater is now in its second year of existence. The company is dedicated to staging works by Spanish, Latin American and U.S. Latina/o playwrights who might otherwise remain under-produced.



More information:

Rev. Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping

Internationally acclaimed performance artist Rev. Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping ( ) will conduct a BUY NOTHING BAPTISM of six radical babies to protect these wonderful children from the evils of the corporate baby industry.You are all invited to participate, witness and enjoy the spectacle. Please spread the word!

Date: Sunday Nov. 27

Time: 7pm

Place: St. Marks Church, 2nd ave & 10th st., East Village, New York.

David Pleasant

Percussionist/composer/activist David Pleasant continues this fall (Sept.-Dec. '05) with Rhythms of Resistance, a community (Red Hook, Brooklyn) arts/education curriculum, book and program that link Reconstruction-era politics and culture with contemporary issues of reparations, gentrification and cultural agency. The first portion of the program concluded with a professional dance/music concert in conjunction with Dancing in the Streets, Inc., Step Afrika! and the Agnes G. Humphrey School for Leadership (June 15, 2005). For future site-specific programs, contact David Pleasant/Riddimathon! Inc., 718.222.1721/Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo..

Oral History Recordings in Women's History/Studies

The award-winning Virtual Oral/Aural History Archive of California State University, Long Beach, has now made available over 700 hours of original oral history recordings in women's history at With its focus on orality, VOAHA brings to life the timbre and tone of voice, the richness of women's oral narratives, and the nuances of their spoken language. The narrators include African Americans, American Indians, Asian Americans, Mexicanas/Chicanas, and South East Asian and Eastern European immigrants.

The interviews cover women's activism from the early 20th-century suffrage, anarchist, labor, and socialist movements to the 1960s and 1970s women's liberation movement. The focus on women's work in the first five decades of the 20th century ranges from their labor in the cotton fields and the World War II aircraft industry to their path breaking careers in the professions and as entrepreneurs and entertainers. Regardless of the specific focus, the interviews also document women's daily lives, birth control practices (including abortions), and family and community relationships.

Nueva revista de cultura y teoría Queer (tortillera-marica) en Chile

Revista Torcida es el nombre de la nueva revista de “cultura, política y teoría tortillera-marica-trans (queer)”, publicada en el mes de octubre por la Coordinadora Universitaria por la Diversidad Sexual (colectivo de activismo queer universitario en Chile), con el respaldo de la Universidad de Chile y que ya cuenta con un gran éxito en las librerías chilenas.