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Passionate Speeches

Diana Raznovich is a playwright, novelist, poet, and humor cartoonist. Her plays have been produced and published not only in her native Argentina but also in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the United States, Australia and a number of countries in Latin America. Her work has been widely recognized by critics on an international level. She has been awarded the John Simon Guggenheim fellowship. Her most important publications are: Defiant Acts: Four Plays by Diana Raznovich / Actos desafiantes: Cuatro obras de Diana Raznovich (Diana Taylor and Victoria Martínez eds. Lewisberg, PA: Bucknell U.P. 2002) and Jardín de otoño, Casa Matriz y De atrás para adelante (Colección Teatro Americano Actual. Vol. 7. Madrid: Casa de América. 2001).