Modern Dance

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Modern Dance

Composition- Improvisation Workshop:
I- Contact Improvisation
- "The body thinks". Give more space to the body initiative when improvising.
- Locate in the improvisation an attitude that allows you to surprise yourself.
- Create confidence in oneself and in others.
- Open all the expressive channels.
- Look for your own tendency of movement through purely physical stimuli.
- Contact improvisation as a way of knowing oneself and as an strategy for surprise.
II- Movement parameters: design- time- dynamics- space. Knowing each of them separately.
Form or design: Line- volume, symmetry- asymmetry, curve- straight line. Shape performance in different formats: solo, duet, trio, group.
Time: Velocity, crescendo-decrescendo, pulse, rhythm, timing.
Dynamics: Different types of dynamics: bound, "attacked", contained, shaken, broken, rebound, "penduled", vibrational, sustained.
Space: Study of the natural laws of the performing space: Strong spots- weak spots, strong areas- weak areas. The paths: frontal, diagonal, lateral, circles. The body design performance in each path. General space- partial space.
The phrase: "meaning" minimal unit in the movement sequence. Climax inside the phrase.


Marianela Boán graduated from the National School of Dance in 1971 and Hispanic Literature and Language from Havana University in 1981. For 15 years she worked as a dancer and choreographer for the dance company, Contemporary Dance of Cuba, which toured internationally. In 1988, she founded DanzAbierta where she has created a signature style mixing visual arts, theater, singing and music with dance. Her other choreography works have included the Cuban National Ballet, Venezia Balleto, and film works in Cuba, Canada, and Spain.


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