Rocio Boliver: Close Your Legs

Rocio Boliver: Close Your Legs Alicia Kuri
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Close Your Legs

This performnaces departs from the vernacular expression "Close your legs!", which is generally used to chastise young girls when they sit with their legs opened.


Rocio Boliver (La Congelada de Uva/The Grape Icee): Widely known in México and internationally for her erotic performance work, Boliver has participated since 1992 in several venues as diverse as museums, raves, universities, activist meetings, galleries and TV programs. She studied dance and philosophy, and her pieces generally focus in women and repression. Since 1998, she works collaboratively with the electropanic music ensamble "Binaria" where she combines performance and sound art under a dark gothic flavour. She has been invited to present her polemic work in different activist gatherings in favour of the legalization of marihuana and in HIV prevention educational meetings. She regularly lectures on performance and also publishes her narrative work.