Laurencio Carlos Ruiz: Sadomasofixions and Other Tales

Laurencio Carlos Ruiz: Sadomasofixions and Other Tales Alicia Kuri
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Sadomasofixions and Other Tales

This is the story of Cheese-Ass (a wood-carved man) condemned to capital punishment, who one day awakens to find himself hanging on a telephone pole. Without hope and incapable of moving, he fights against himself, his demons, and even his guardian angel. Time passes and still the reasons for understanding why he hangs escape him. Suddenly, a sinister voice interacts with him. Lucy (devil and guardian angel) claims her right to desire, to the pleasure of being her. Together, the two explore different ways of approaching, experiencing, fighting, explaining, and understanding the pain and pleasure of the cruel world of God. We observers don't know who is moving whom (puppet vs puppeteer). Only one thing is clear: Cheese-Ass wants to go back to the metaphysical world from which he came.


Laurencio Carlos Ruiz (Mexico City, 1966). The fifth of six children, he grew up in a traditional working-class Catholic family, and his education was in public schools. As a visual and performance artist, as a puppeteer, designer, and photographer, he is coming back into the international eye with his new Action Figure Drama. Ruiz received his B.A. in Graphic Design from the Metropolitan Autonomous University (Mexico City, 1992) and a M.F.A. in Scenic Design from Penn State University (2001). A free-lance artists and designer, and professor of Theatre and Integrative Arts at Penn Stuate University Altoona, he resides with the love of his life Roselyn in State College PA, since 1996.