Susana Ribeiro: The Hug Saga

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The Hug Saga

The Hug Saga is a work-in-progress piece that aims at the inter-disciplinarity of the arts as well as the cultures. The performance is constituted of a dialogue, a song and a choreography that uses the imagery of various types of hugs as a way to talk about transformed divinity. The same polarity between belief and doubt, which characterized the struggle for faith traditionally, can now be transferred between two love partners. "All I can do is to give you my doubt". Only through the acknowledgement of radical doubt can the true love emerge to assert itself as a divine force.


Susana Ribeiro, a brazilian actress, writer and singer, currently living in New York City, has appeared in theatre, television and film. She has won numerous awards for her work in the theatre in Brazil. She co-founded the Compania Dos Atores (Company of Actors) in Rio de Janeiro in 1988 and has starred in many of their productions in Brazil as well as in South America, Europe and USA. The company performed at the Latin Theatre Festival at the Duke Theatre, Manhattan, in 2001. Also as an actress in New York, she appeared at the Atlantic Theater in their 24 Hour Plays series and has performed in the TV talk show opera, Dennis Cleveland written and directed by Mikel Rouse with set and video design by John Jesurun. Dennis Cleveland went to the Perth Theatre Festival in Australia and the Krannert Festival in Illinois in 2001 and the New Visions Festival at Lincoln Center in 2002. The play was her second collaboration with Mikel Rouse. She was featured in his recent film Funding and now she is in shooting for his upcoming Test Tones.



Edited by Victor Bautista