FOMMA: La bruja monja

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The Witch Turned into a Nun

This play deals with the catholic and evangelic abuse, specially pertaining to the communities. Indigenous women consecrate themselves or marry God, because they do not want to continue suffering. Sometimes, in their childhood, they have suffered with desperation. That is why they join a seminar or convent: to be able to escape, but they end up with an unpleasant surprise, a reality totally different to the relief that they expected to finally enjoy.


Petrona de la Cruz and Isabel Juárez Espinosa are Mayan Indian playwrights and actresses from Chiapas, México. Pioneers in theatre and social justice in their country, in 1994 they formed the womens's cooperative, FOMMA, to empower displaced Indian women and children through workshops in bilingual education (Tzotzil/Tzeltal and Spanish) health programs, job skills and theatre. They have performed in small communities throuughout Chiapas as well as at universities and festivals abroad. Forced to leave their native villages at an early age, they became maids in the neighboring mestizo city of San Cristóbal de las Casas. In the '80's they went to work at the fledging Indian writers' cooperative, Sna Jtz'bajom. It was there they became interested in theatre and recieved training from Ralph Lee of the Metawee River Theatre Company. They have subsequetly worked with several other teachers including Amy Trompetter and Luis de Tavira.

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