Clay Drinko: MTVD

Clay Drinko: MTVD Lorie Novak
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MTVD: musictelevenerealdisease 

Clay Drinko explains global politics, family values, and spirituality through the experiences of contemporary divas and also a version of his own experiences. Clay Drinko has watched enough music television to know that "life is a mystery" and that "everyone must stand alone." After all, he was eight when Madonna was like a prayer. And if that doesn't mean something, Clay doesn't know what does.


Clay Drinko graduated from the College of Wooster, then New York University's Performance Studies program. He is currently involved in the Mini Red Satan sketch comedy troupe, a downright offensive brand of comedy. His solo show MTVD: musictelevenerealdisease recently debuted at the New York Comedy Club. MTVD would like to be produced on a larger scale. Clay's big, number one goal is to get money in exchange for performing and not have to clean up dirty dishes or type really fast or wear giant dog mascot costumes.


Edited by Victor Bautista