Antonio Martorell and Rosa Luisa Márquez: To Create All From Nothing

Antonio Martorell and Rosa Luisa Márquez: To Create All From Nothing Marlène Ramírez-Cancio
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Propuesta: Con poco hagamos mucho: de la nada al todo/ Proposal: To create all from nothing.

To inhabit an empty space and to fill it with images, disposable objects, tales, memoires and rituals. We will transform the space and the body that defines us through nine hours of aesthetic contact by the use of graphic imagery and theatrical actions. We will present the product of our workshop to all who wish to interact with us/it.

"The dress does not make the (wo)man" but the body can be dressed as well as un-dressed. The habitat does not define the inhabitant, but (s)he recreates it in his/her own image, according to her/his needs.


Antonio Martorell and Rosa Luisa Márquez are a team of graphic and theatre artists. Each one has a well developed carreer in their professional areas. Martorell is a renowned visual artist in residence at the Colegio Universitario de Cayey and director of its Museum; Márquez is a full professor of Theatre at the University of Puerto Rico and a theatre director. Since 1984 they collaborate in several yearly events which are site specific, brief and address artistic, political as well as community issues with the help of artists and amateurs. They are moved by the thrill and pleasure that is generated with others who wish to do the same: transform spaces, transform life experiences, create tiny "improbable societies" through the arts. They have developed hundreds of dramatized lectures, performances, installations, theatre plays and art exhibits in their native Puerto Rico as well as in Perú, Brazil, México, Spain and the United States. This will be their third collaboration with the performance projects generated by Diana Taylor.


Edited by Victor Bautista

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