Felix Insua: Oriki Omi Odara

Felix Insua: Oriki Omi Odara Marlène Ramírez-Cancio
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Oriki Omi Odara

Oriki Omi Odara is a tribute to dance through the sound of clear water. Founded in NYC by members of the Cuban Diaspora, its objective is to support the study of Afro-Caribbean culture and to maintain a direct contact wiht their roots via music and dance experimentation. Their emphasis ins in the various Afro-Cuban genres: the Yoruba, Abakua, Congo, and their synthesis, Rumba.

The members of Oriki Omi Odara are:
Felix "Pupy" Insua and Rosalia Gamboa (choreography)
Alexis Zayas (singing)
Diosvani Valladares, Diego Lopez, Enrike Insua and Roman Diaz (musicians)

This performance is produced by Berta Jottar.