De el Uno a los Muchos: Técnicas basadas en historias. Boal y más allá.

Jan Cohen-Cruz

Series of four distinct workshops that provide hands-on experience and commentary about a range of exercises that use the embodiment of personal stories to connect individual experiences to political actions.


Jan Cohen-Cruz is Associate Professor at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, wrote Local Acts: Community-Based Performance in the United States, edited Radical Street Performance, and with Mady Schutzman, co-edited Playing Boal: Theatre, Therapy, Activism and A Boal Companion: Dialogues on Art and Cultural Politics. In the mid-1990s, Cohen-Cruz co-directed Tisch’s AmeriCorps (President Clinton’s domestic Peace Corps), focusing on violence reduction through the arts. She has produced community-based projects with Tisch students in the Lower East Side. Jan is currently developing “Home, New Orleans?” with Ron Bechet of Xavier University and other community-engaged artists and students in New Orleans.

Additional Info

  • Country: United States
  • Lugar de presentación: Sala 10 (Centro Cultural Recoleta)
  • Fecha: 10-13 de junio, 2007