Conferencias de Artistas: Antonio Araújo (Teatro da Vertigem)

Conferencias de Artistas: Antonio Araújo (Teatro da Vertigem) Photo: Julio Pantoja

Artist Lecture: Antonio Araújo

Discussion of theatrical experiments performed in streets and public spaces of the São Paulo neighborhood of Bom Retiro during the creative process of Bom Retiro 958 metros, by Teatro da Vertigem. From the practice of the situationist-inspired dérive used as a device for field research, to improvisations, and urban games conducted in the open and in dialogue with architecture and layout of the neighborhood, the whole process was marked by experiences of urban intervention.


Antonio Araújo is Artistic Director of Teatro da Vertigem and Professor in the Department of Performing Arts of ECA-USP. With Teatro da Vertigem, he has directed O Paraíso Perdido; O Livro de Jó; Apocalipse 1,11; BR-3; Bom Retiro 958 metros, among other works. He has been invited to teach on site specific and urban performance internationally. He was awarded the Golden Medal in the category of Best Realization of a Production for BR-3, in
the Prague Quadrennial 2011.


Conferencia de Artistas: Antonio Araújo (Teatro da Vertigem) Editado por Victor Bautista

Additional Info

  • Lugar de presentación: Sesc Vila Mariana - Sala Corpo e Artes
  • Fecha: 13 enero 2013
  • País: Brazil

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