Simone Mina: Des_Hilos

Simone Mina: Des_Hilos Fran Pollitt


A sewing machine that “writes” affective embroidery with its invisible and visible thread. A chair that carries imagepresences. A blackboard. A shirt. Preparation as we wait for an (im)possible visit to the workshop. A measurementtaking and the study of a shirt.


Simone Mina is art director, set designer and fashion designer. She is a member of cia. livre and cia. ueinzz de teatro. She has free access to other companies and artists, and seeks to work at what she understands as the axis of things—a space of greater flexibility between the arts. She was an invited set designer at the 9th Prague Quadrennial of Set and Costumes Design and Stage Architecture in the Czech Republic in 2003, representing Brazil, curated by J.C.Serroni.

Additional Info

  • Lugar de presentación: Sesc Vila Mariana - Acesso Balcão do Teatro
  • Fecha: 19 enero 2013
  • País: Brazil

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