Ariel Speedwagon

Ariel Speedwagon Alexei Taylor

Performance in Bad Spanglish

What is it to be “American” when you only know one America? What is it to try and reckon with privilege when you are grown up to take for granted all that you have? And como can una gringa qui knows que everything is muy malo try to make el mundo a better place?


Ariel “Speedwagon” Federow is a writer/ performer/clown/beauty pageant winner/ itinerant professor and lover of slideshows, whose work has been seen in and around the queer undergrounds of New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, et cetera. 2012 Hemispheric Institute Affiliated Emerging Artist; 2011 dapperQ of the Year; 2006 Miss Jew-S-A.


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Additional Info

  • Lugar de presentación: SP Escola de Teatro
  • Fecha: 16 enero 2013
  • País: United States

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