Bel Borba, Burt Sun, André Costantini & Guil Macedo

Bel Borba, Burt Sun, André Costantini & Guil Macedo Julio Pantoja

A new ephemeral artwork is created each day in different locations around the city of São Paulo over the course of the Encuentro, using only recycled and found materials from the city’s streets. Drawing inspiration from people and urban landscapes, the week-long project will be documented using film and photography to create clips shared daily on the DIÁRIO website and screened at the Trasnocheo. At the end of the week, a compilation will be presented at the closing of the event.


Bel Borba, known as “The People’s Picasso,” has spread his artwork throughout the 500-year-old urban landscape for thirty-five years. In 2012, he participated in the New York City’s Crossing the Line Festival, sponsored by the French Institute/Alliance Française and the Hemispheric Institute, where he created Diário--a collaboration with Burt Sun and Andr Contantini.

Burt Sun began his career as a multimedia artist, working in advertising, graphic design, theater and television production design, photography, and film. Sun has developed numerous original media projects that combine creative ideas and marketing strategies, attesting to his abilities to cross the borders between commercial and fine art.

A multi-instrumentalist embracing art, music, writing, performance, photography, and film, Andre Costantini has collaborated with Burt Sun on many books and documentary projects since they met in 1996. That same year, Costantini co-founded Goldleaf and Big Daddy, a performance duo for which he wrote, sang, and played the accordion.


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