Lily Mengesha

Lily Mengesha Fran Pollitt

Options For Surround Sounds

This performance is an interactive piece that consists of multiple calls and responses and the creation of linguistic soundscapes. I will be urging you, as my audience, to respond to me, as your performer, through various volumes, words and sounds. At the heart of this collective exercise are questions surrounding who is entitled to make public noise in the ever-silencing reality of capitalist wet dreams.


Lily Mengesha is an Emerge 2011 alumna and has made this community her chosen family. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in Theater Arts and Performance Studies at Brown University, primarily to write and teach about performance artists as alternative world-makers.


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Additional Info

  • Lugar de presentación: SP Escola de Teatro
  • Fecha: 18 enero 2013
  • País: United States