Brittany Chávez

Brittany Chávez Fran Pollitt


This is a performance project devoted to exploring the metaphor of the butterfly (particularly the monarch) as not only a symbol for undocumented Latina/o migration, but also for queer bodies, as in mariposas. Employing body stamping, rebel movement, action art, video, sound, and object installation, I move in and through this metaphor from a trans space: transgender, transspiritual, transnational, among others.


Brittany Chávez is a US-based, transnationally-focused, genderqueer performance artist, mover, and mixed media experimenter who uses their body as materia prima, alongside sound and video environments, and arte acción (action art). Brittany’s solo practice creates immersive and site-specific pieces that question and challenge issues of undocumented migration, Latina/o queer and trans identity, non-normative belonging(s), border crossings of multiple persuasions, decolonial performance practices, body politics, and indigeneity. They are also an Artistic Associate of La Pocha Nostra.


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