Radwan Moumneh

Radwan Moumneh Julio Pantoja

Jerusalem In My Heart

Jerusalem In My Heart spins an overdose of cultural elements that put listeners in trances, fusing psychedelic elements of Arab culture with modern electronic sounds and images.


Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, a Lebanese national, has spent a large part of his adult life in Quebec and has been a fixture of the Montreal independent music community, from his early days in various notable 90s punk bands to his tireless activities over the last decade as a sound engineer, producer and co-owner of Montreal’s Hotel2Tango recording studio. Moumneh is also active in the Beirut experimental music scene, where he spends a few months every year. JIMH now consists of a core trio with French musician & producer Jérémie Regnier and Chilean visual artist & filmmaker Malena Szlam Salazar, whose two-year collaboration with Moumneh has resulted in the co-creation of JIMH’s debut album, Mo7it Al-Mo7it, to be released on Constellation in March 2013.


Edited by Victor Bautista

Additional Info

  • Lugar de presentación: SP Escola de Teatro
  • Fecha: 14 enero, 2013
  • País: Canada