Alejandro Chellet & Hannah Gardiner: Punto Social Temporal

Alejandro Chellet & Hannah Gardiner: Punto Social Temporal Fran Pollitt

Temporary Social Point

Using street performance/ intervention we will create a social experiment addressing different themes: love, altruism, community living/support and informality as a real alternative of autonomous social organization for this new era of change of paradigm, crisis and peak oil. We will make a space to explore, listen and learn.


Alejandro Chellet founded an educational urban agriculture project in Mexico city. he has co-worked with punks, squatters, ecologists, political activists, organic farmers,  permaculture people, mexican shamans, women and children.

Hannah Gardiner has a background in traditional dance theater and graduated in sculpture in 2009. her work focuses mainly on social and political issues, and she is also interested in visual metaphors and art as an experience.

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