María José Contreras Lorenzini: Nuestra Amnesia

María José Contreras Lorenzini: Nuestra Amnesia Laura Bluher

Our Amnesia

The performance investigates the link between the blank spaces of the performer’s personal memory and the political amnesia in Chile. The work is situated in the blurry zones of a forgetting that is passed down from generation to generation: that which cannot be said, which cannot be recovered, which has never been said.


María José Contreras Lorenzini is a performance artist and the Director of Teatro de Patio. She teaches at the School of Theater at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Her work moves between academic research and artistic production, creatively studying and exploring the relationship between the body, memory and performance.


María José Contreras Lorenzini: Our Amnesia Edited by Victor Bautista

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