Marie Brassard and Alexander MacSween (Infrarouge): La Oscuridad

Marie Brassard and Alexander MacSween (Infrarouge): La Oscuridad photo/foto: Laura Bluher

The Darkness

Homage to the artists, The Darkness portrays the eviction of a group of them from an industrial building in downtown Montreal. In this piece, whose action could take place in any big city anywhere in the world, friends separate, spirits wander aimlessly in deserted places and messages are hidden behind walls for the archaeologists of the future.


Marie Brassard is an actress, author and director. Her unique work has made of her a singular voice in contemporary theater and received widespread acclaim in many cities throughout the world.

Alexander MacSween is a musician, composer and sound designer. He creates sound installations and composes music for dance, theatre and film.


Marie Brassard and Alexander MacSween (Infrarouge): The Darkness Edited by Victor Bautista

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