Desvio Coletivo

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Weddings is an urban intervention that looks at the classic image of the Christian wedding with poetical and critical estrangement and questions the imposition of the heteronormativity and the monogamous standard as an instrument of social control of relationships and the notion of family that creates bigotry, exclusion, and violence. The performances will take place in sites chosen for being related to some sort of gender violence in order to expose a partial map of the sexual bigotry and love diversity.

  • Execution: Desvio Coletivo and Laboratório de Práticas Performativas da USP
  • Creation and production: Desvio Coletivo
  • Performers: Fernanda Perez, Marcelo D’Avila, Marcelo Denny, Marie Auip, Marcos Bulhões, Priscilla Toscano and Sylvia Aragão
  • Designer: Rodrigo Spavanelli


In order to do the performance we will present a workshop with the presence of our guests: artists, activists, art students, actors, dancers, performers, and people from the community that are interested in learning and experiencing our urban intervention. For more information see and


Desvio Coletivo is a network of contemporary Brazilian theater creators that work on the border zone between the theater, performance, and urban intervention. Since 2011, the group researches collaborative scenic creation considering experimentation of different types of sensorial participation, dialogue, and creative audience, the digression of its conventional role.