Storytelling, playwriting theater workshop (1999)

Storytelling, playwriting theater workshop (1999) HIDVL
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Coatlicue Theater Company produced a three-minute video demonstrating their storytelling/playwriting/theater workshops. Included in the footage are clips from a workshop held in Chiapas, Mexico. The companys workshops are divided into three parts. The first part is aimed at getting participants to open up to one another to begin to work collectively. Its devoted to exercising the body through sounds and movement to stimulate the imagination and awaken the body, mind, and spirit. The second part is designed to teach storytelling and involves exercises that develop trust, listening, and communication skills. Here the Colorado sisters demonstrate the different ways to tell a story, how to work together to tell a story, and listening to others tell a story. Participants are then taught how to incorporate their earlier exercises into the storytelling process and work on developing a theater piece.


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Additional Info

  • Título: Storytelling, playwriting theater workshop
  • Duración: 00:03:12
  • Idioma: inglés, español
  • Fecha: 1999
  • Location: New York City, New York, and Chiapas, Mexico.
  • Interpretes: Hortencia Colorado, Elvira Colorado.
  • Type: workshop