Viernes, 09 Julio 2010 11:53

Chicomoztoc-mimixcoa - Cloud Serpents

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Coatlicue Theater's 'Chicomoztoc-mimixcoa - Cloud Serpents,' was first performed as a work in progress in 1996 at the New World Theater in Amherst, MA as part of a summer program titled 'New Works for a New World.' Elvira and Hortencia Colorado explain the piece as being 'a journey through dreams, stories, time and memory, across mountains and deserts, retracing the footsteps of the ancestors, traveling back to Chicomoztoc (the place of our origin), searching, digging up and gathering stories that have been buried through centuries of shame and denial in our family, but which connect us to our past and identity. Some stories/secrets remain buried, and they are also part of who we are. We honor all those who struggled with their shame and denial. This is an offering to all of our relations.'

The second video was filmed during the American Indian Community House's (AICH) 2000 Indian Summer season and captures the first time the completed work was performed in New York.

Published in Coatlicue: Trabajos