Juventude, Cultura e o Corpo na Performance

Youth, Culture, and the Body in Performance


Chair: Stephani Woodson and Tamara Underiner, Arizona State University, Maria Inés Falconi, Universidad Popular de Belgrano y Associación Argentina de Teatristas Independientes para Niños y Adoloscentes (ATINA)

The increasing circulation of the term "youth culture" (which, at least in USAmerica, encompasses an ever-widening age range) compels a re-examination of the ways the two terms interact: How does the category of "youth" intersect with changing notions of "culture"? How does "youth culture" and its many performative manifestations intersect with ideological structures of "childhood" including: childhood as a space of memory, childhood as a space of fear, childhood as a space of discipline, 
childhood as a space of commodification, childhood as a site for imperial dominance? How do conceptions of "youth culture" traverse hemispheric geographies through mediatized and live forms, and how do these conceptions operate on the bodies and lived experiences of children and youth? How are differences in the articulation of childhood and its derived discourses (childhood rights; sexual consent determinations; criminal definitions, and such performance genres as music and theatre for 
young people) addressed across localities, regions, nations? How do childhood cultural studies across the hemisphere account for and reiterate these variations?  This working group seeks papers and projects that actively address these questions through expressive culture such as theatre, music, dance and other forms of public and private performance.


Tamara Underiner is Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies of the School of Theater and Film at Arizona State University (United States), where she directs the Ph.D. concentration in Theatre and Performance of the Americas.              

María Inés Falcomi is a writer who specializes in literature and theater for children and adolescents, and is also a theater director and teacher. She runs the Theater Library at the Argentinean Association of Independent Theater Artists for Children and Adolescents.

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