Oficina de Tango de Papéis Livres

César Rojas & Mariana Gonzalo

Tango was born as a dance form practiced by men, and only after they were trained did they enjoy it with a woman. Today’s cultural reality also allows us to dance without a pre-set role. This workshop adds to the freedom in selecting dance partners and the role we want our partner to dance.


César Rojas is an Argentinean professor of national native dances and folklore, and an instructor of gymnastics techniques. He was a Tango dancer, teacher and choreographer in the United Arab Emirates, the U.S., Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, France and Switzerland.

Mariana Gonzalo got her teaching degree from the Profesorado Nacional de Educación Física and Profesorado de Danza Jazz. She has worked professionally as a tango dancer, teacher and choreographer in Argentina, Panama, the US and Europe.

Additional Info

  • País: Argentina
  • Lugar de apresentação: Sala 4 (Centro Cultural Recoleta)
  • Data: 12-13 de junho de 2007

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