Raquel Mavecq & Patrícia Faolli

Raquel Mavecq & Patrícia Faolli Ebony Golden

Green Line

Space: Inside the first cart of Green Line train, Between the Consolação and Ana Rosa Stations.

Action: movements, images and actions will be created during the train ride, based on the routine of the commuters and the lives and spaces that are being shared inside that train. Every time the train stops at a station  a new element/performer comes in and adds to the composition. When we arrive at Ana Rosa station, the group witnessing the action will be guided to SESC though a walk and a final image will be created in front of the site.


Patrícia Faolli graduated in Comunicação e Artes do Corpo at PUC-SP. Her focus centers on urban interventions, human relations and behavior patterns in large cities.

Raquel Mavecq graduated in Comunicação e Artes do Corpo at PUC-SP. Through dance, performance art, video, installation and sound, her work understands the body as a catalyst for the micro and macro politics of human relationships.

Additional Info

  • Lugar de apresentação: Praça Roosevelt and other city streets
  • Data: 18 janeiro 2013
  • País: Brazil