Gonzalo Rabanal: Um ser dito, para ser o nome

Gonzalo Rabanal: Um ser dito, para ser o nome Marlène Ramírez-Cancio

A Being Said, To Be A Name

This work puts word and writing in relationship to each other as a violent act, by a man who never learned to read and write. The story tells of his desire to understand the spoken word. The son writes in the voice of his father and the father does the same, but on the body of the son, simultaneously: “The body, the father, and the son, like the stigma of not knowing”.


Gonzalo Rabanal studied Audio Visual Communication at the ARCOS Institute, where he began to develop a way of working that projects from individual to collective, opening up space for an expressive multiplicity. In 1989 he received a grant from the ANDES Foundation and in 2010 another from the Ford Foundation. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Visual Art at the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Chile.


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Additional Info

  • Lugar de apresentação: Sesc Vila Mariana - Sala Corpo e Artes
  • Data: 16 janeiro 2013
  • País: Chile