Peter Schumann: Anti-Tar Sands Manifesto

Peter Schumann: Anti-Tar Sands Manifesto Phtot/Foto: Laura Bluher

Anti-Tar Sands Manifesto

We and the caribou, dwarves of the giant corporate system that runs our life and devastation, are here to rise up. Columbus, who imports the New World Order, drums in the billionaire-superheroes who dominate our economy, which destroys the herds that roam the earth, and we all end up in the same boat, with no idea where we are going./p>


The Bread & Puppet Theater was founded in 1963 on New York City’s Lower East Side by Silesian-born sculptor and choreographer, Peter Schumann. Their shows address social, political and environmental issues or simply the common urgencies of our lives. They are one of the oldest, nonprofit, self-supporting theater companies in the United States.


Peter Schumann: Anti-Tar Sands Manifesto Edited by Victor Bautista

Additional Info

  • Lugar de apresentação: Concordia University, Henry F. Hall Building
  • Data: 27 junho 2014