Jorge Rojas: Oráculo das tortilhas

Tortilla Oracle

Tortilla Oracle is a participatory performance based on ancient Mayan and Aztec shamanic forms of divination brought into contemporary form. The performance involves ritual, sacred space, intuition, and a transaction of give and take between the artist and the participants. I read people’s tortillas like one might read tarot cards or tea leaves.


Jorge Rojas is a multidisciplinary artist, independent curator and art educator. Rojas creates socially-based, interactive, and participatory performances that investigate processes and systems involved in communication. Galleries and museums worldwide have exhibited his work and curatorial projects.


Jorge Rojas: Tortilla Oracle Edited by Victor Bautista

Additional Info

  • Lugar de apresentação: Concordia University, Engineering and Visual Arts Building
  • Data: 21 junho 2014

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